Our Products

Khoja has been the supplier of spices, Pulses, Grain, Dried Fruit, Herbs, Fresh Vegetable and Fruits, Canned Food, Frozen Vegetable, Olive Oil, Syrian Sweets and Various other Foods Stuff to domestic and world market.
All concern will enjoy reliable and timely shipments, competitive pricing, flexible delivery arrangements.

From farm and factory to end user Khoja is committed to providing a clean quality product.

Khoja’s comprehensive production execution and quality control demonstrates the commitment to supply guaranteed quality to its clients.





Dried Fruit.

Frozen Vegetable.

Canned Foods.

Apricot Kernels .

Olives and Olive Oil.
Cheese and milk. Almond Kernels . Other Products
Syrian Confectionery. Instant Fruit Flavored Drink. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
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