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more than half a century, Khoja Group has been specialized in exporting, importing and distribution of foodstuffs.
We are in the business of marketing, sales and distribution of fast moving consumer goods and selective products for Syria.

It is well established that wide and strong distribution network is an essential factor for success in promoting and distributing various products in the local market. That entails successful track record and satisfied suppliers coupled with weaving cordial and sustainable relation with local retailers.
But being well positioned to achieve all this can't be attained without high levels of financial stability enabling adequate stocks of goods and allowing of extending credit facilities to dealers in the local market.
In order to bolster its business network, the he company seeks always to invest in human resources by conducting external and in-house training programs.

Regional reach
In order to have a sustainable capacity of supplying local markets with a variety of consumer goods, the company had, over years, to build large scale infrastructure as a vehicle to be able to operate on national scale.

Available infra Structure:
Khoja group is running a complete setup that includes offices, warehouses and distribution vehicles in Damascus, Homes, Lattakia and Aleppo.
This infrastructure enabled KHOJA GROUP to rank among the top distributors of foodstuffs in the Syrian market. Our well-balanced portfolio includes quality international brands form Emirates Refining Company that offers a complete range of: popcorn, milk, coco, Mango, sunflower oil, rice, sesame, beef, cashew, black/white pepper, desiccated coconuts, coffee (from Indonesia, Vietnam, brazil), sunflower seeds, alubia, garlic, pumpkin seeds, dried fruits (apricot), tamarind, tea, golden raisin, pistachio, cardamom, cloves, barley, nuts, walnuts, pasta, tuna and Sardines.


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