Spices - Cumin Seeds
Arabic Kamoun
Chinese Kuming
Danish Spidskommen, Kloeftsvoeb
Dutch Komijn
English Cummin, Green cumin, White cumin
Esperanto Kumino
French Cumin, Cumin blanc, Cumin de Maroc, Faux anis
German Kreuzkümmel, Weiber Kreuzkümmel, R?mischer Kümmel,
Norwegian Spisskummen
Portuguese Cominho
Spanish >Comino, Comino blanco
Swedish Spiskummin, Vit kummin, Romerks kummin

Cumin is one of the medical and aromatic plants from parsley family. It has been planted in Syria since the old ages. Babylonian and Assyrian doctors used cumin in their recipes. Furthermore it had been a common spice in the times of Roman Empire and early

Greeks used it as a food preservative. It is usually planted in many Syrian region during the month of January and it is harvested in May. Cumin seed has a yellowish brown colour and it has a specific taste & flavor. It is used in Syria to give a special taste for many Syrian dishes. It is considered as one of the most popular and essential spices as it gives a distinctive warm flavor to an enormous range of savory dishes and is very recognized flavor beside its medical use.

Cumin seed is exported from Syria to many countries. There is huge demand for the Syrian cumin all over the world. It is desired more than other cumin as it has an excellent quality.

Main Constituents

Syrian cumin is distinctive as it has Strongly aromatic; the aroma is characteristic and is modified by frying or dry roasting.

The fruits contain 2.5 to 4% essential oil. In the essential oil, cumin aldehyd (p-isopropyl-benzaldehyd, 25 to 35%), furthermore perilla aldehyd, cumin alcohol, alpha- and beta-pinene (21%), dipentene, p-Cayman and beta-phellandrene were found.

It’s usage all over the world

It is used in Syria to give a special taste for many Syrian dishes also in other world countries. It is a most popular spice all over the world virtually all-Mexican meat or bean dishes add a good amount of cumin as do many dishes from other Latin American countries. Swiss and Dutch countries use cumin seed to flavor certain cheeses, while various European countries breads with cumin.

Cumin is a principal ingredient in both chili powder and curry powder. It is available as whole seed and ground. It is used in prepared meats, pickles, sausages, and soup and also as a medicine.

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