Spices - Chili Seeds

Chili belongs to the Capsicum spices and it is one of the most important plants here in Syria. It is planted in different regions the most famous region planting Chili is Damascus. According to botanical research, many or even most of all hot chilies belong to the Capsicum species. Chilies may be used fresh or dried, ripe or unripe, cooked or raw; any way, they tend to make everything better. People who do not agree on this point simply suffer lack of experience and training

Its usage with food

For the cook, thick-fleshed pods unsuited for drying, a specific flavor, and widely varying hotness characterize Chili. Removing or retaining seeds and veins can control the pungency. After some experience with fiery but tasteful food, most people develop the ability to discern subtle flavors behind the chilies' heat, and actually they must feel that chilies enhance and amplify the taste of other food ingredients. When cooking with chilies, one must realize that green and red, fresh and dried or fried and cooked make a great difference. Of the chili cultivates in Asia, most being rather equivalent and local cooks use whatever available, contrasting the habits in Mexico. In Latin American cuisine, they concentrate on the use of chilies.



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